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To me personally, it is not monolith vs microservice that bothers me, but statefull vs stateless services.

If a service can't assume local state, it creates unnecessary design overhead. For example, you cannot achieve exactly-once semantics between two services without local-state. If you replace local-state with message-queues, you just turned 1-network-1-disk op into 5-network-3-disk op and introduced loads of other problems.

If you are relying on local state, you can never scale to more than one machine.

How do you think Google does?

By not relying on local state?

Azure has the affinity cookie, which redirects the user to the same instance if it's a webapp.

What do you think of Kafka Streams?

I don't know.

If you (or someone) could tell me number of network-hops and Disk-IOs involved in performing an RPC using Kafka streams, I will definitely take a look at them.

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