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That post reminded me about the https://amiunique.org/ site for seeing how trackable you are with browser fingerprints.

I had remembered that I had installed a "Random User-Agent" plugin in Chrome, with privacy concerns in mind. Sometimes it sends a user-agent that causes a site to send me a page that can't actually be rendered by my browser, so I have to turn it off on some sites.

But I was curious to see what amiunique.org would make of the various random user-agent strings that the plugin would send it.

Ironically, the plugin seems to break the amiunique.org site, I can only get a whitescreen or occasionally a spinner forever, unless I disable the "random user-agent" plugin.

Not sure what to make of that.

I think it's having problems right now. I don't use anything and it's slow, blank page, 500 errors, etc.

I am encountering the same issues. Hopefully it comes back up soon, I'm curious what it has to say about my browser setup.

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