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Back in the early days, browsers used to prompt you for every cookie:


i don't think i ever saw that. which browser?

Konqueror did that when I used it in 2007-2010. I don't remember if it was the default behavior, but I had it configured by default.

These days I just block all third-party cookies, which solves most of the problem.

It was pretty common! Check out this Onion parody (from 2002), which refers to a website prompting you to accept cookies:

>"She goes apeshit whenever a pop-up window comes up. And one time, she paged me because she got a message about accepting cookies. She was all freaked out because now she thought she was being charged for actual cookies."


wow this is amazing. clearly this lady was ahead of her time typing cheesecake into the "address bar" and expecting search results.

I believe early versions of Internet Explorer did iirc. Maybe it was netscape.

Older versions of Internet Explorer did it (3 or 5 can’t recall) Konquerer, Netscape, and lynx too if I recall correctly.

Maemo's Web used to do that if I recall correctly.

lynx still does that.

When trying to view this I got a full page opt out (not gdpr complaint) dark patten based dialogue obscuring the entire page. The irony

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