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“incompetence”, “detachment” right.

I, for one, am happy that bullshit like “hey, we send your data to 244 trackers uncontrollably” has become visible and is being called out.

I mean, visible only in the EU.

Dark patterns and site-blocking are anti-GDPR, so I’m hoping for some heavy fine across the board. And, hopefully, if not the end then curtailing of the intrusive and tracking cookies, ads etc.

Facebook hasn't made any more privacy or policy SANFU's over the last 12 months than they have any year before that, and yet interestingly this is the year where the people around me have been taking an interest in what I use instead of facebook and taking active steps to move away from it.

These laws force people who are attempting to take advantage of non-technical users to either stop it, or do so in an obvious way that lets even non-technical users see that /something/ is up.

It's good, I like it. It's driving social progress, as truth always does. I'll get downvoted for expressing that opinion here of course. Too many american software developers who want to inflict their freedom on others I guess.

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