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So once you've determined that you like a site you are going through the hassle of figuring out how you can reenable the tracking after you disabled it on your first visit?

“you’ve visited this site a few times recently. are you still okay with these settings? (if you ever change your mind, click privacy at the bottom of the page)”

just because we don’t currently have solutions doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. i guarantee my 5 second developer definitely not UX idea is the LEAST that a real UX professional will come up with, when pushed

*EDIT: and yes this kind of cookie is okay with GDPR because it’s not tracking a “data subject”... it’s maybe a broad timestamp (the day you first accessed the site), and a counter for the number of articles/site loads... you don’t have to ask for this permission, because you can’t track someone with it

It can also be implemented purely on the client side: store the counter in the browser, increment on each visit, and prompt the user after N visits.

This way, no information about the client is sent to the server at all.

I have faith that the best and brightest people in the SV bubble will find a way to "surface" that feature.

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