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We could further optimize by just assuming that people are OK with it if they didn't send the header, and then have them opt in to sending it.

Maybe we could call it something like "DoNotTrack", to get the idea across.

DNT was mostly ignored, but if it had the weight of law behind it, it could still be great.

If I remember correctly, one of the reasons for it being ignored was that some browsers (rightly IMO) had the setting enabled by default.

Some places still respect the header. Medium does - you'll get the warning for embedded content.

Because rationally, tracking should be opt in, not opt out. Arguing that customers desire, by default, is shockinging disconnected from reality.

Properties should be defaulted to what is most likely user desire, I think. So for DNT this would mean “true.”

It was ignored because companies that make money from tracking also make browsers and web sites.

And now Safari removed DNT because sites were using it as a part of fingerprinting across websites.

Advertisers couldn’t care less about privacy.

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