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It's not even clear to me how they actually work. Usually what I do when there's no "Deny" button (which is most of the time) is just leave the dialog open in hopes that that qualifies as "not accepting". But then some of them say "by continuing to use this site you agree". But, what does that even mean? Do they wait for a scroll event before setting the cookie, or is it there already before I even click "Agree", and the dialog does nothing whatsoever?

Legally, you haven't consented. They're of course tracking you anyways because they're too lazy/greedy to implement it properly, so you should use the usual security measures (adblocker, PrivacyBadger), but they're breaking the law.

It's just that there's too many people doing that for the overloaded DPAs to take care of them all.

Spin up developer tools and see if the cookie has been set

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