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>> And the Dutch DPA’s guidance makes it clear internet visitors must be asked for permission in advance for any tracking software to be placed — such as third-party tracking cookies; tracking pixels; and browser fingerprinting tech — and that that permission must be freely obtained. Ergo, a free choice must be offered.

> Neither cookies, nor tracking pixels, nor browser fingerprinting are software. Your web browser is software. The server side runs software. These are data.

> It seems pedantic, but I think it shows that the lawmakers have an underlying misunderstanding of how tech (and the world) works.

No, that's just TechCruch's summary. This is the Dutch DPA's actual guidance: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/nieuws/websites-moe...

It's in Dutch. I would not be surprised if "software" has a slightly different meaning or connotations than in English.

And even if it doesn't you don't need a precise command of technical jargon as a practitioner would use it to have a good understanding of an area. The meaning of TechCruch's translation was perfectly clear to me, and better than alternate formulations I can think of that avoid using "software" to refer to cookies. Maybe they should have just government-jargon and called them "tracking cybers."

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