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It's time GDPR is actually enforced. I tried to get my country's law enforcement on the tail of some violators but they're toothless.

I don't understand the downvotes though, are you disagreeing that certain countries do not have the manpower to enforce GDPR to the extent they could? Please.

NOYB helps enforce it through DPAs, and judging by the fines that have been handed out, it's far from toothless.

It's just that basically the entire world is violating the law, and it'll take a while to get to everyone.

I think they are currently going after the big ones. Personally, I expect that to change once they are through with them. It simply makes no sense to go after big companies when there is still google and facebook to go after. And well, medium and small? I think those still have another year or 2.

In addition to the practicality of choosing the big, obvious violators first, one or two actions against well-known targets should hopefully convince a lot of the secondary and tertiary potential enforcement targets that the EU is serious about enforcing these regulations. Some[1] companies might even decide that complying with the regulations be a better business plan than abusing their user's ignorance to undermine democracy[2].

[1] Unfortunately, experience suggests many will prefer bullheaded clinging to their surveillance capitalism business models to the bitter end.

[2] http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/02/shoshana-zuboff-q-and...

Let's hope so.

Are those violators outside the EU? I'm interested to know if the EU would seriously try to enforce their laws in foreign lands that never agreed to them.

Nope, local violators.

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