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This relies on several things:

* Enabling Chrome Sync, which is opt-in

* Syncing history, which is on by default if you enable sync

* Not using a custom passphrase for sync data (not using one is the default)

* Having "My Activity" save "Web & App activity", which is opt-out

* Having synced Chrome history data sent to "Web & App activity", which is opt-out

For the last two bullets, the opt-outs are at https://myaccount.google.com/activitycontrols .

Chrome Sync is so sweet though. It's probably pretty close to impossible to live w/o Chrome Sync. It's my favorite tech feature. The USP for me is "As a user I want switch devices while I'm browsing, so whatever I was reading prior to having to go to the bath room I can seamlessly continue reading."

Am I missing something? Since I can do that with Firefox Sync too. Even more i can send a tab from my device to any number of other devices too.

Safari does it, too, I believe (I don't really use it... One man's "pretty close to impossible to live w/o" is another man's "eh? what?")

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