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DDG has a "retry search in Google" mode if you prefix !g to your search query.

I usually try in DDG first, and then in the small cases where it's not found, I just prefix "!g" and re-execute the query.

Even better is the !sp bang, which is for StartPage (a google search proxy). This way you can get the Google results and still retain some privacy from Google. I also use !w (wikipedia) and !so (stackoverflow) bangs regularly. Finally, the search doesn't have to be prefix with these bangs, it just needs in to be in the search somewhere - I find it quicker to just append it to the end personally.

Full list of supported bang queries: https://duckduckgo.com/bang

You can save one keystroke and type !s for Startpage.

I too just type the bang command somewhere, and usually it’s at the end of the search term or phrase.

Nice, thanks for pointing that out! It seems like a small think but typing !s only is more convenient.

I have all search keywords in Firefox be a letter followed by an exclamation mark due to this now, simple and no way for it to mess up searches.

I use this regularly, and still find it frustrating. It gets old fast to just keep trying a search in DDG only to find it not working and do it all over again with !g

Or suffix; actually anywhere

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