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Your rant is misdirected. This is a problem with Bing (the underlying search engine of DDG).

Seriously: Where do you get the idea that DuckDuckGo is just Bing? I can't find a single source for that claim. What I can find is a post from Gabriel Weinberg that says that DuckDuckGo is not Bing.

It comes up VERY times DuckDuckGo is mentioned, yet there's not a single source that suggests that DuckDuckGo is just a frontend for Bing.

I hope people click through, because this contradicts rather than supports your point.

So when you make non trivial query, how do you think ddg answers it? It is bing.

So again, please provide a source! I can't find one.

It's clear that DuckDuckGo used Bing for some result, but not to what extend. Are all result Bing? Does Bing only provide results when DuckDuckGos own crawler fails? Are the results mixed? I very much get the impression that results are mixed, but that's not completely clear either.

DDG has a crawler? Have you seen it active recently in your server logs?

Well they claim they do: https://duckduckgo.com/duckduckbot

I should check server logs at work, I don't run my own web servers, so I can't claim to have seen it.

Their own crawler is only used for fluff like widgets. All organic search results are from Bing and Oath:

> In fact, DuckDuckGo gets its results from over four hundred sources. These include hundreds of vertical sources delivering niche Instant Answers, DuckDuckBot (our crawler) and crowd-sourced sites (like Wikipedia, stored in our answer indexes). We also of course have more traditional links in the search results, which we also source from a variety of partners, including Oath (formerly Yahoo) and Bing.

I've seen the ddg bot in my home webserver (with a .com) logs in the past month. I even bothered to check to make sure it's IP matched the ones on the bot about page.

No, the rant is on point. I also try to make DDG my primary search engine and share the frustration.

Why should I care about where DDG gets its search results from? They promise a good web search and don't deliver.

I guess you're right. My point is that DDG can't really do anything about it. Also the reason why I won't use DDG.

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