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>Moreover, a search result returning "only" two results should be taken as a good thing for someone with confidence in their dataset

I completely agree with you here but in my experience it's not anything new with DDG, that's always been a problem as far as I'm concerned.

As a hobby I sometimes have to reverse engineer electronic circuits, when I'm not sure what a chip does I try to search the inscriptions on the package to see if I can find a datasheet online. Sometimes you end up with very cryptic strings like "xardc10-egh" or whatever. If you input this string on Google it gives you no results:


If I do it on DDG I get pages of irrelevant results:


That being said DDG improved slightly, when I did searches like those a couple of years ago I'd often end up with results containing completely broken encodings, binary dumps as ascii and other obviously erroneous content that got indexed by mistake. Here the results at least appear to link towards proper pages.

Amusingly, if you search that phrase on Google now, your comment shows up as the only result. Their indexing is very fast.

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