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@wintorez, I started using Brave browser[1] and DuckDuckGo for work and personal. It's based on Chrome but with privacy in mind.

Also, I currently use 1Password, but have been thinking about using Enpass[2] because you can sync with any cloud drive. I like the idea of syncing to a third party cloud drive in case my password service is compromised.

[1]: https://brave.com [2]: https://www.enpass.io/

My concern with Brave is them being beholden to the direction of Chromium - I am wrong about that?

I used Brave for awhile then switched to Firefox+uBlock Origin, hoping to do my teensy part in decreasing the market share of Chromium-based browsers while still being privacy-focused.

At the same time, having the same base as Chrome means you won't be left behind when people start only developing for Chrome (which is a problem right now).

Brave is pretty terrible about security patching.

Often vulnerabilities go unpatched for days, which is pretty bad when the exact vulnerability exploit code is already visible in the chromium bug tracker!

Heard good things about brave. I like to experience the web though more than one browser, just to see if there are any discrepancies that I'm not aware of.

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