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I don't see how doing this helps them track DuckDuckGo searches any better than they already could in Google Chrome.

EDIT: Added italicized text for clarity.

It's probably not as sinister as I make it out to be but I can think of a few items of data that differ between using DDG's native UI and that of the Chrome search bar: the headers Chrome sends to DDG are different, and the autocomplete results that come back from DDG can now be monitored

Good point, I hadn't thought of the auto complete. I figured you were more referring to the actual query itself which Chrome already sends home to Google via it's cloud synced web history. In which case it does not matter whether you use the omnibar or visit the website directly as long as you have history sync enabled.

Maybe most of the DuckDuckGo users use Firefox and other non-Chrome browsers.

Right, I've edited my comment to clarify it.

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