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> As a premium subscriber it's very frustrating to not be able to pause music on the lockscreen anymore. Or using the headphone controls.

I just wanted to say that I am also a Spotify Premium subscriber using the Android (Pie) app and I don't have any issues with these two features. I cannot comment on the blocked songs, since I do not use that functionality. Have you checked the forums to see if other users are experiencing the same problems? Maybe there is a specific fix for your device.

I'm on android pie and I'm not the only one having these issues, go to the play store listing and sort reviews by latest version, many are complaining about the lack of lock screen and headset controls.

The app is extremely unstable on Bluetooth as well, I now leave my expensive wireless earbuds at home because Spotify can't handle more than 10 seconds of continuous wireless playback without cutting out.

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