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Ask HN: Is running a VM windows 10 on a Linux OS (Ubuntu) secure?
2 points by hackernewsxrx 40 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments
I know that windows has a lot of information that they collect in order to make your experience 'easier' such as assigning ID's in order to target ad's at you when you are browsing. Does the same apply if i run a VM of windows?

What's your threat model?

Also, what's that thing about the tracking IDs? do you see that on your browsing traffic? (are you sure you're not confusing Microsoft with Google and Facebook, who track you all across the Internet?)


The information about the tracking ID's can be found here


That's "only" for Windows Apps that explicitly use it, which means I'm sure there are easier ways to avoid being tracked by that... and it's probably your least tracking concern if you're online anyway.

While running Windows, as long as it isn't some modified version of it, there's always a risk that Microsoft could be collecting information about you. A VM is supposed to simulate a computer as accurately as possible, and shouldn't have any impact on the information Microsoft can collect about you.

I wouldn't say it's insecure though, it's mostly a matter of privacy.

Sorry yes, i should have been more clear. I don't like the idea of windows collecting and collating information about me. It is a matter of privacy over security

noone can answer you if it is "secure" because that highly depends on your perspective and usecase! I would argue that running windows is inherently insecure ;)

but i would also argue that its way more secure than needed for 99% of the users

also: running any other OS doesnt make it any more secure. in most cases the user is the weakpoint of the system

Yes. Windows does what it's programmed to do wherever it runs.

Okay, What about if i flipped it around and ran a virtual linux OS on windows? would this act in the same way, i.e what information (if any) would windows be able to extract from the VM?

Sorry if this seems trivial, i am new to all of this

Windows shouldn't be able to extract any information from there, only shared disks (if any) and the telemetry of the virtualization software (if there is such a thing, I don't use Windows.)

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