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> - It blocked Spotify from using a podcasting API after it acquired 2x major podcasting companies

Interesting one since it is Spotify that is trying to close the currently open podcasting universe.

Let's not pretend that Spotify is either the white knight or the underdog here. This is two big companies negotiating over pricing.

Well Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world, Spotify may not be a white knight but they're definitely an underdog.

I'd be more likely to consider Spotify an underdog if they weren't a VC-fueled, still-not-profitable startup.

I'd like to think comparing a VC-funded company to one of the largest public companies on earth the very definition of underdog.

Especially one that isn't currently making money, presumably if Apple wasn't engaging in anti-market strategies they would have more revenue.

How much, I have no clue - but if they can't even have a "get premium now" button in the app then that's insane to me. The 30% fee Apple would take isn't a real alternative either, it's still not profitable.

Spotify is public

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