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> Phones now have the same level of processing power as portable computers. We shouldn't be obligated to only run applications that are siphoned thru a third party "trusted clearinghouse", be it the smartphone or the operating system vendor.

I pay a lot of money for iPad Pros and Google Pixelbooks for precisely this functionality. When the user can run anything they want, the result is the unsafe landscape of malware we see on common desktop OSes.

As OP mentioned, that could be enabled with a toggle. An example of this all being for the benefit of walled gardens, take rooting. Obviously if a user is going through the trouble to attain true ownership of their phone and os, they are doing so because they want to be in control. Phone carriers openly fight this at every turn because they want us to be forced to use their BS apps, known as bloatware, and prevent users from no longer seeing ads. This is all about money. Microsoft is trying hard to do the same on desktop now with all their in-os ads. Protecting users is the single most bullshit line ever and they all use it.

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