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I don't think this is about Spotify versus Apple - its about Apple versus its customers. I want to be able to choose what music service I want, and I want the price to be competitive. And not just music.

You just have to wonder what's up with Apple.

This is why I think the "if you're not the customer you're the product" mantra is overly simplistic. In this case, you can still pay $1000 for a phone, and it only makes you a more valuable product for Apple to sell to its (developer) customers.

It's about Apple and anyone they consider a (potential or active) competitor. As far as customers come into it, Apple wants to be able to milk them dry and keep them from using anyone who might provide a similar or better service than their own, as well as take over any profitable channels they don't already have support for.

It's 1990s Microsoft on a mobile phone.

Why not switch to Android?

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