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Show HN: YouTube Code Along Editor (codecast.me)
9 points by krm01 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I'm trying it out now. I'm trying to check the search feature. I'm assuming that it will display YouTube previews when you select 'Search'.

Right now, I'm not seeing anything populate.

The other features work though (e.g. the text editor and font-changing). Am I doing something wrong?

Yea the app 403's on the request to youtube. Perhaps you had an api key on your local machine before you deployed?

You should be seeing a list of videos. What browser are you using?

It seems to be working off an on. I'm able to search videos now. Pretty cool!

Are you going to expand upon this idea?

I'm using Chrome. I'll try it again at home. Maybe something is blocked where I'm at.

Same on chrome, not working

Trendy font choices!

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