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> Vendors should be prevented from shipping an App Store with their OS.

So then how would a novice user get apps the first time they boot up their phone? They would have to know where to get apps from. That seems like an easy way for users to end up downloading a bunch of malware because they think it's the official Apple or Google app store when it's just a random website.

Having a built in app store has huge advantages in security and usability for the end user.

Microsoft were pushed to add a screen to the Windows installer asking the user which browser they wanted to be the default. That would work perfectly well for app stores.

In Europe* and no one used it.

Humm, everyone "used" it. It popped up on the first log in and didn't go away until you chose a browser. That was the point.

Also I believe it had a positive effect on Firefox gaining users, no one can claim that was a bad thing.

EU style choice (which cost MS 700M)- Show list of available app stores

I feel like that would solve the problem that GP was referencing but just create a whole bunch of other issues for users and developers.

"Find Spotify on [list of ten app stores here]." One of the advantages for users and developers is that if you want an app on iOS (and for the most part) Android, you know exactly where to find it.

It's by no means a dealbreaker, but something to consider.

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