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Unpopular opinion: I will never go back to the Apple ecosystem. I like my freedom way too much.

That's not an "unpopular opinion", that's a personal preference and you're welcome to it.

yeah good for you, many of us never even got into it to begin with. I will say my job got me a macbook pro (after decades of windows usage and hackage) and this bitch is still kicking ass 5 years later. Big ups for the laptop. iPhone, who gives a shit it's a phone. Some people are super into it, i'm like dude i dont fucking care about the screen, the camera, the unlocking your face with a picture. If think all that jazz is worth $800+ be my guest.

Not unpopular, just uninteresting.

Why unpopular? It's a rational decision. Diversity vs centralization.

diversity vs privacy. iOS is still much more secure and has much more protection for the typical user than android.

Why do you think that "iOS is still much more secure"? The fact it's a closed source system means only we are not aware of many potential security risks. Apple has really bad reputation because of serious security bugs discovered in Mac OS recently. It might be similar with iOS devices.

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