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> Spotify not playing fair with artists

Spotify is paying as much as music industry extorts from it. Where does the money go? Ask the big labels that are the ones paying artists.

The big labels aren't important, they're going to get their money anyway. This hurts the smaller labels, like my label, and countless others who never see a god damn dime from Spotify streaming.

Meanwhile, Bandcamp streams the songs for free but they allow you to pay what you want. I've made at least 10x the profit from selling tracks on Bandcamp than I ever did in the streaming world.

If Spotify wants to play fair, they need to pay artists more for streams. This site is just another instance of tech bros thinking they know better and meanwhile fucking over everyone else involved.

The problem is how do they break apart what to pay people. If they pay your record company a dollar every time a artist of yours is played and life time they get played say 100,000 times sure thats great for you. But are they going to make 100,000 off you? Sure they can make you a loss leader and parrot that they are a platform for the little dude.

But what happens when a major label demands that they also get a dollar every time a song is played. The next time Taylor Swift releases a new album the entire country of Sweden would be owed in Royalties.

Yea digital streaming doesnt pay jack. Even the best paying streaming services only pays .0064 cents per stream. Of course that doesnt add up to much considering they only have .65% of the market.

At the end of the day duder it sucks that you dont make shit from streaming services. It really does. But with how the entire streaming payout model works it just is NEVER going to be profitable for smaller artists. It 100% caters to artists that will pull in 100 million streams in a month. But how much does platforms like Spotify help artists on your label get noticed? I constantly try to find new artists that have under 100,000 listens on their top song to see if its some hidden gem or the next big thing.



> If Spotify wants to play fair, they need to pay artists more for streams.

How? 90% of their catalog is owned by big labels. They cannot sign up artists directly because it will put them directly into competition with the labels.

They are trying to move towards paying artists directly [1], but you have to be eligible (most likely read: not signed up for a label already).

This is a legal and financial nitghmare.

[1] https://artists.spotify.com/upload

Can I ask, what does a record label actually do nowadays? I understand that in the past they would've handled physical manufacturing and promotion, but now that anyone has access to bandcamp and spotify, what do they offer? (Asking as a non-musician)

So what kind of payment scheme would count as fair-play from your point of view?

I agree with you, but maybe bandcamp is just that much more lucrative because people pay more money for each song/play?

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