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Seeing this makes me want to get even further away from Apple's ecosystem.

4 years ago, I was all in- Mac, iPad, iPhone. In the last 4 years, I've been driven away by Apple seeming contempt for professional users.

Their contempt for other competition is even graver cause for concern.

Sometimes I think so too. And then I look at the alternative ecosystems. Google? Amazon? Microsoft? Not even tempted...

Why do you need ecosystem own by one company? You can have Ubuntu laptop, Android phone, WebOS TV. They all support Spotify and Netflix, you can cast videos from Android phone to your LG TV.

I support friends & family with mixed ecosystems. Nothing ever works right. Maybe they just made unlucky choices.

The problem with going that route is that you have to be involved in creating and maintaining a great user experience. I love ubuntu, but it's not without it's quirks that require a certain amount of troubleshooting to overcome.

Like others, this is why I could never buy a HomePod and exactly why I like Sonos. I prefer choice.

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