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What I don't like in your repo (medium.com)
7 points by cristaloleg 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

If you don't like my repo, you don't have to use it. :)

If you wish to add tests and a Dockerfile, feel free to open a PR. I don't use either and am not going to waste my valuable personal time making them to suit your desires.

Open source developers should not work for free, so they should implement what they personally are enriched by doing, and let you do what you wish to do, or pay them to do what you wish done.

That's a good list. Pretty sensible advice. I wish all programmer would follow the README advice. With all that said was it really necessary to add the same emoji at the end of every point ?

Thank you, emoji was added for no reason, article have been updated.

having "recent version" and "CI status" in the readme seems a tad unnecessary to me. No commits should be merged to `master` which fail CI, and the releases are only one click away anyway.

depending on the type of project, it can certainly be very helpful to have a link to a working demo. But presumably having a dockerfile wouldn't be worth the hassle if it were automatically possible for docker to use the config environment specified for CI and run the latest release?

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