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As I understand it, this "guarantees" privacy by embedding the key in the link-- if that's generated client-side, it never gets sent to Mozilla's servers (assuming they don't go out of their way to grab it via JavaScript) and you can have end-to-end encryption.

But, if I'm logged in, it looks like Mozilla's storing that fragment on their servers: if I upload a file from one browser, then sign in on a different browser, I can see the link I generated (including the fragment) from the first browser in my list of uploads, and I can download the file.

Doesn't that negate their end-to-end encryption if Mozilla servers have access to the keys?

The data that's synced when you log in is also encrypted, with a unique key derived from your Firefox Account called a scoped encryption key. Your key changes when you change your password. We, (Mozilla) don't know your key (and don't want to know it). Disclosure, I implemented the sync feature of Send.

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