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There was also a time just a few years ago when evangelists claimed JS/CS/etc. were just as fast as native (some said faster) and blasted you for suggesting otherwise, even when it was clear as daylight this was blatantly false. This mantra also suddenly just faded away once native compilers for these gained popularity. I guess reality hits you after some time.

Now I see a similar issue with security experts preaching that merely possessing a single piece of software with a single thing they classify as a 'vulnerability' implies you will be murdered within the next 24 hours, and it seems they'll happily DoS your computer, get you fired from your job, take your second newborn, and blow up your computer in your face if that's what it will take to make you finally feel real danger. Not sure why it takes people so long to see that reality isn't black-and-white, but better late (hopefully) than never.

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