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I keep seeing comments about Search Revenue and keeping this free. It would be useful if Mozilla is getting more Firefox users out of it, but it likely won't be in any significant number.

So what happen once this get popular and waiting to be abused? Just like Mega. Who is going to continue and foot the bill?

most abuse mitigated by their limits on the number of downloads allowed and how many days it can stay online. Currently at 7 days max and 100 downloads. If they see abuse they could reduce this further.

about revenue, there are so many valuable directions this can go. It could undercut competitors in ways they cannot sufficiently respond to. (google responding in kind would leave them less reason to not add encrypted storage for drive) By stabilizing this platform they can start to build new privacy-enhancing apps on top. Calendar, contacts, etc. With more dependency on the platform, they will find areas where more storage, longer retention, will be income generating.

privacy may be the only frontier that can displace google,apple,microsoft.

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