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You came up with a web service that lets anyone upload something and then download it via /uploads/123?

That's basically a hello world project. As you found out, the hard part is everything else, like funding it.

Funding it wasn't a problem. It took a weekend to build and was dirt-cheap to host. If people started using it enough to increase the server costs I would've stuck an ad at the bottom.

Honestly half of why I took it down is nobody was really using it. I didn't work terribly hard to market it, as I had no aspirations of getting rich and it would've been tenuous to monetize at all. I just told friends about it, etc.

I didn't imply there was a "hard part" to it. Just a neat idea. No need to dump on it.

I have a few sites like this, but very few people use them. These days, box and related sites have absorbed all the file uploads.

About 15 years ago, my sites were pushing 400-600mb/s non stop. Nowadays, I barely hit 1% of my network cap at each VPS location.

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