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Another neat feature actually built into Firefox is Take a Screenshot. To the right of the URL field, in the three dots menu. Option to save it locally, or save in the cloud with a URL with some expiration options. Sorta like a pastebin for screenshots.

It only takes screenshots within the confines of a Firefox window.

Glad you like it (I worked on it). Just a side note, the cloud service will be going away in the future, but the ability to save it locally will remain.

This service is really great and I'm sad to read it will go away - but of course, it makes no sense from a money perspective to keep it free forever. But the initial idea - saving screenshots made by the browser to the cloud is fantastic, and much more convenient than the myriads of SAAS that provide this kind of service.

Replacing the cloud bits with Firefox Send integration seems a fairly obvious idea then?

That has been discussed :-)

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