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So since you don't need to sign up for anything in order to use Send, I am assuming you mean creating a Firefox Account which increases the send limit from 1 GB to 2.5 GB as well as enables some nifty Firefox features like tab sync.

Since it had been awhile, I tried to create a new Firefox account with an alternate e-mail of mine...and found that there is an opt-in check mark for newsletters and IT'S UNCHECKED BY DEFAULT. Since I can't embed images here, have a Send link to a screenshot:


So it is starting to seem like you are intentionally smearing Mozilla for a fake problem.

Not to mention you are conflating marketing spam with privacy issues.

Edit: I made the send link valid for 100 downloads or 7 days which is the max...but if you click the link and it doesn't work just know that it's because it has hit the limit, not that Send is unreliable.


> With Send you can share file sizes up to 1GB quickly. To send files up to 2.5GB, sign up for a free Firefox account.

From the blog post linked in this topic.

Edit (to address your edit about marketing emails and privacy):

Respectfully, I disagree. Privacy issues center around the invasion, and in extreme cases outright elimination, of privacy of individuals. This is when entities use (your) data to identify you even when you are trying to stay anonymous. When it becomes impossible for you to have privacy.

To be honest, this central issue has a fairly vast umbrella...but no, taking an e-mail (without a name even) and placing it on a marketing campaign list with explicit user consent via a true opt-in does not fall under that umbrella in my opinion.

Right below the big "drag-and-drop here to send up to 1 GB"? (insert exact english text here, translating the translated version I'm shown)

Also, to get to the second point: you didn't click the opt-in checkbox and still got marketing e-mails?


FWIW, Mozilla is one of the orgs where you probably can write their privacy people an e-mail and they'll actually look into it.

(Just signed up for a new account, will do that with a GDPR template if I receive unwanted e-mails)

Marketing mail is garbage and a bad user experience but it is not a privacy concern!

A privacy violation would be having your information revealed to someone without your knowledge / permission. Mozilla has not violated your privacy by sending the email you gave them marking emails! It's bad, but it's not bad for privacy-related reasons.

Is that really a privacy issue?

of all of the people you could be mad at about privacy you choose Mozilla to be mad at?

If Mozilla cares so much about privacy, why don't they disable 3rd party cookies by default like Apple does? That would make a huge difference and while it may break a few sites (i use this setting since a decade or so and have encountered very few), if Apple is OK with that, why shouldn't Mozilla be ok?

I'll tell you why: Because they depend on Google's money.

> why don't they disable 3rd party cookies by default like Apple does?

Its interesting you bring this up because of all the browsers ONLY Apple does that and the level of headache that gave me recently suggests part of the reason why. Fundamentally it breaks the default implementation of ASP.NET session state which when combined with first-pass implementations of OAuth results in infinite authentication loops when hosting other sites in IFRAMEs.

Maybe that's part of the reason why?

Please don’t use code formatting except for code. Long lines require significant horizontal scrolling.

You're confused. Send doesn't require sign up or even an email address. You supply a file, it uploads, you get a URL.


That's illegal.

no it isn't. and if it was, how are they supposed to enforce it?

thanks for heads up

i wont be using the service now

Look at the response. The original comment is BS

Parent checked the box that's default unchecked to get that email. If you're paying attention, you can avoid it completely.

No, that's not what happened.

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