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The content on the Internet ranges from "free" to "paid subscription":

1) We have volunteers that curate content and they have limited time. We need to be gracious, courteous, and thankful for their effort.

2) Businesses are providing content and generate revenue via subscription, advertisements, or data mining our input. Put another way, in the last two cases we are the product.

In all cases the content will be biased because humans are biased. We deal with that by reading content from multiple points of view and apply critical thinking and reasoning skills.

We also have to continually remind ourselves that there are people with disruptive agendas - both individuals and collectives funded by nation states that have an agenda. How many times have you been notified that your information has been compromised?... Jurisdictional issues make it hard for law enforcement agencies to track them down and shut them down. The situation reminds me of the caricature of the American West in the 1800s - a free-for-all. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. We need to take security seriously.

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