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Why not "Mozilla Send"? If Firefox the browser isn't a requirement, the name is confusing.

The same reason it's Chromecast, not Googlecast.[1] Branding.

[1] The protocol is named Google Cast, but all the consumer branding is Chromecast.

I was thinking the same thing but in Google's case, Chrome is the dominate browser and most people recognize it as something they already have. In the case of Firefox, it's more likely they'll recognize the name specifically as the browser they don't have and will think they can't use it.

They'll recognize it as the browser they don't have any maybe should get because it's now positively associated with cool new features like this. :)

I think what helps is that there's two (or more) parties to a file transfer: the sender and the recipient. Someone who uses Firefox might start using Send, and then the recipient(s) finds out that they can use it too. And if they're using Send, the might start to consider using Firefox, or to create a Firefox account first.

I was confused too. When it worked on non Firefox browser it was a pleasant surprise. I'm guessing this is just to promote Firefox browser. Wouldn't surprise me if they added higher file limit after usage grows and with it a paid tier :)

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