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>I can't believe that there isn't a simple service to transfer data between my cellphone and my computer without going through the internet.

KDE Connect, https://community.kde.org/KDEConnect#What_is_KDE_Connect.3F i've been using it for years

I've been using this, but I just switched to the Sway for my WM and I'm unsure of how to use KDEConnect with Sway. Any ideas?

I've been using sway for a few weeks as well. I just used it once to share a file from my phone, and here's what I did:

    export $(dbus-launch)
    kdeconnect-cli -l
    *then I sent the file from the phone*
It could be launched on start; there's also appindicator-kdeconnect that should work with a tray icon, as well, AFAIK.

It's supposedly UI agnostic and just requires QT5. Probably you can build it from source, and it will open as a normal app, in its own tile.

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