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FWIW, I built and successfully ran it on FreeBSD-current. The only hiccup I ran into was that it puked building due to not having /usr/local/lib in its lib search path & not being able to find libxcb. I had to manually add -L/usr/local/lib to the cc args and manually link it. Not sure if that is a FreeBSD issue w/Rust, or something in your package.

At any rate, the tool works! Thanks so much.

Thanks for sharing your solution! Not sure what is causing it (maybe it's OpenSSL binding related), and am currently not really targeting FreeBSD yet.

I wasn't fully ready with this tool for the Firefox Send release to be honest, would have loved to be able to provide better binaries and packages for more platforms, which are a work in progress.

If you believe you can improve the README with your solution, be sure to submit a [PR](https://gitlab.com/timvisee/ffsend/).

Happy to see it's working! :)

It's a BSD world thing :). Local (i.e. non-system) executables and libraries go under /usr/local around here (i.e. libraries under /usr/local/lib, binaries under /usr/local/bin and so on, the hierarchy under /usr/local has the same structure as that under /usr).

You can work around it by creating a cargo config with a wrapper. Eg:

cat ~/.cargo/config

  linker = "/home/drewg123/bin/cargo-ld"
Where cargo-ld is just a wrapper:

  exec /usr/bin/ld -L/usr/local/lib $*

For proper formatting of code snippets, indent the entire snippet with two spaces.

> the hierarchy under /usr/local has the same structure as that under /usr

So I can have /usr/local/local/local/local...? :)

Is there an autotools equivalent in Rust land?

Depends on what you mean exactly.

I just had the same issue with rust linking to a 1553 bus library in /usr/local/lib yesterday. Seems like this should be on the search path.

At least on BSD, you want to be able to separate external 3rd party libs and system libs in case they overlap, so that is why BSDs don't automatically include things under /usr/local.

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