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Presumably Mozilla, just like they do for the sync and Web Push servers.

I think what the previous poster meant was 'why' are Mozilla paying for it?

Ah. In that case, I seem to recall they performed user research among users of their browsers that uncovered that sending files to others was still a major pain point. It's also a way in to promote a Firefox account, and Firefox in general.

Of course Mozilla's not in it for the money, so there's not a direct line from Send to more revenue. Firefox is their main tool to protect the open web, and Send is a way to get more people to use that. And of course, being able to send files encrypted is good for the web as well.

Indirectly, it is primarily financed by the search engine deal in Firefox.

The open web is more than just a browser. The cost is minimal when you have your own infra instead of AWS’ bandwidth gouging.

Another user pointed out that Firefox Send is written to use an Amazon S3 compatible API to run. That could mean that Mozilla is using AWS for the service.


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