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I wish Mozilla focused on core Firefox functionalities instead of coming up with so many small side projects that don't target their typical audience. Since Chromium-based browsers are not an option, many of us are stuck with Firefox as the only remaining choice. But even Firefox has to be heavily customized before it's completely deGoogled and stops contacting various motherships.

As a side note Nightly build for Ubuntu has been broken since version 61 and there's no sign of any effort to fix it.

Is there anything specific you are missing in Firefox today? Or is it purely the fact that it's broken since version 61? Did you submit a bugzilla issue, or know the existing number? I'd be happy to check it out.

A million things, like missing functionalities from the new extensions api (meaning no Pentadactyl), no good way to manage keyboard shortcuts, having to disable many google integrations after installation, no way to disable "do not track" if using built-in tracker blocking, no sidebars a la Vivaldi, buggy rendering (e.g. transitions animating elements using css transforms), unexplained slowdowns, lack of proper tab isolation (one slow/crashed tab takes the whole browser with it), etc. I could rant all day.

Thank you! This is great input to us, it just needs a few more details to become actionable: bugs filed (for things that are not by design, of course, like the extension API), repro steps and detailed information provided. If I can reproduce it, I can file bugs myself, but I still need to get some clarifications on how to reproduce.

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