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It doesn't exactly meet the needs of "sending files to a non-technical person", but Magic Wormhole [0] has been truly great for flipping files around between me and anyone who is capable of being trusted to run `pip install --user pipe && pipe install magic-wormhole`. This is by no means everyone, but it's been very useful quite often.

[0] https://magic-wormhole.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ has

I have no clue why you would suggest a tool that requires using a linux command line after telling firefox send doesn’t meet the needs of non-techical person.

"It" in the first sentence does refer to the solution they mention, not Firefox Send.

No, he's saying Magic Wormhole doesn't exactly need the needs of a non-technical person.

magic-wormhole works fine on windows and mac; nothing about sh-like shells is linux-specific.

>pip install --user pipe && pipe install magic-wormhole

What am I looking at here? On PyPI 'pipe' is listed as a "Module enablig a sh like infix syntax (using pipes)", and magic-wormhole's own docs just say to install with pip like anything else.

I typoed. I meant `pipx`, not `pipe`. My phone tried to help.

`pipx` is a convenience utility for installing cli python tools in separate virtual environments and then being able to update them nicely: https://github.com/pipxproject/pipx

So i meant

`pip install --user pipx && pipx install magic-wormhole`

Well I'm glad I asked, because that sure is neat!

pipx is rad. `pipx install ipython && pipx inject ipython numpy pandas attrs pendulum toolz` is ... very nice.

I remember elementaryOS had a GUI for this in its app store. Never got around to try it, Linux is not well known in the consumer world, let alone Elementary

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