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2.5GB file limit is a bit small for good quality TV shows (and especially movies).

With HEVC 2.5GB is perfectly fine for a 2 hour movie.

Maybe for 1080p. It's 10-15GB for 4k.

I think we can all agree 1080p is "good quality", right? Your average pirate probably isn't demanding 4K quality, I imagine.

I'd be amazed if a majority of people were downloading 4K movies these days.

Yeah, the majority are probably not, but i'd prefer to download at the highest quality available.

Then you understand "How do they handle abuse though? Like, people using it to host, say, pirated TV shows?" remains an open question.

Depends on the runtime. For low quality Netflix dumps (from Netflix, not because it got reencoded) it's usually enough, even for 1080p.

One can always split files.

winrar and 7-zip can break up files into chunks of any size you specify.

Even single episodes?

That should be fine, though I'm pretty sure I have some episodes that are above that.

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