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I used to disagree on this point, but based on the way things have gone lately I think it's worth reconsidering. I definitely use the term 'FOSS' to try to convey that I'm talking about the term open source to mean free software. The trouble is, I don't necessarily want to be looped in with all of the opinions of rms, for example. rms has a different idea of what 'free software' entails, as evidenced by GPLv3. (Personally I still vastly consider GPLv3 to be an acceptable open source license, but you can see Linus Torvalds disagrees pretty staunchly with its added restrictions.)

> rms has a different idea of what 'free software' entails, as evidenced by GPLv3

I think we have to separate definitions from strategy/goals: the OSI open source definition and he FSF Free Software definition—the latter of which seems to be what RMS views Free Software as entailing—a remarkably similar. The difference seems to be that RMS and the FSF view preventing non-Free software as an important goal, and this prefer licenses which tend to have the effects of preventing downstream non-Free derivatives and encouraging people to relicense other software under them, whileany others in the FOSS universe prefer promoting FOSS creation and use to preventing non-FOSS software..

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