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I’m a huge fan of TBL but the solution will not come from governments and corporations, they have nearly every incentive in the opposite direction.

Slowly, slowly people are waking up to the realization that we the people must solve this ourselves, with a solution that cannot be controlled by any one party.

We did this with strong encryption but that was much simpler. The set of memes and values people need to understand will be similar but larger in scope.

It will probably take 10+ years to get there, but we’ll get there faster the more we stop looking up to hierarchical authorities for solutions, and looking around at their fellow netizens.

You're talking about a distributed solution that will never happen. A centralized system will tend to behave more efficiently than a distributed system, and the owners of that centralized system will undercut the distributed system at every stage. Corporatism will block any such movement via pricing, ease of use, marketing, FUD, and legislation.

If you don't include corporations and governments in the model, that model will fail.

A centralized system will tend to behave more efficiently than a distributed system

If that was always true, we literally would not even have the Internet. Centralized, corporate networks like TYMNET died like flies once the open, distributed Internet became widely available.

What? The web isn't distributed. It was built upon major trunks and backbones set up by government projects. All of your data goes through this centralized network of hubs and backbones as it travels around the internet. In the US, the infrastructure was sold to private companies (notably, several of the "baby bells") in the 90s.

I'd say that Internet was a fluke. Some standards - both electrical and software - managed to spread worldwide and solidify against the opposition of the market. This was a time when being compatible with everyone else turned out to be more beneficial than trying to strike out on your own.

It's important however to contemplate on the degree to which Internet is centralized - or getting centralized. As it is today, everything up to transport layer (TCP, UDP) can be considered baseline infrastructure. Very few market players are trying to mess with it, similarly to how most market doesn't mess with the voltage and frequency standards for electrical outlets in your home. But anything above TCP/UDP is up for grabs, and is becoming heavily centralized.

This is the way of the market. You make money by building barriers, not bridges. And the players that make bridges only do so to tear down their competitors' barriers, so that they can replace them with their own barriers.

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