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Obviously open source isn't going away. It's just that VC struggles to understand the implications, still, and the past half a decade has been imprinted deeply by all the cheap money.

If your worst nightmare is that a big company like Amazon uses your software then perhaps your business model wasn't really for the cloud era. Selling licenses is to the VC crowd what sequels are to Hollywood, comfort food that everyone knows how to handle but simultaneously knows isn't going to be the future.

Linux isn't worse off because it is used by AWS and Google. Quite the contrary.

I agree. Open Source software is not a good way to build a moat, and investors should take this into account. It's good for companies that focus on building employees, teams, and customer relationships, and keeping them strong at all times. They can't fall back on exclusivity of their code, hosting, or support offerings. The ideal Open Source company would probably be something like Red Hat.

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