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I've recently been getting quite a few marketing emails from nginx pushing for replacing F5 with nginx. Just checked and the last one I received was last thursday, March 7th.

Interesting how recently nginx was continuing this campaign. I wonder how effective the "replace F5 with NGINX" marketing push was at increasing the price and urgency for the acquisition.

For the curious, the big headline at the top of the message was "Modernizing Applications by Replacing F5 with NGINX Application Delivery Controller and Signal Sciences"

Then the text of that top section was:

"F5’s rigid and centralized approach to load balancing and web application firewall (WAF) prevents enterprises from modernizing their applications. In this recent webinar we describe how replacing or augmenting your F5 deployment with the NGINX application delivery controller and Signal Sciences WAF helps reduce costs and improve agility."

NGINX is upset that AVI networks is winning all major the F5 replacement business. I looked at NGINX in the past and the rep seemed hesitant to talk about AVI vs NGINX. Seems to be true. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190311005876/en/Avi...

Having worked at NGINX, I would be surprised if Avi Networks was at all a consideration for marketing F5 replacement. When I left (not too long ago), most of our enterprise sales of NGINX+ was for F5 replacement deals...which is why the marketing emphasis has always been on replacing F5.

As an engineer (so I can't speak to business strategy), I always thought of Avi Networks as market validation for ancillary software services like Amplify and Controller rather than a competitor with NGINX+. But that was just my thinking.

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