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This is incredibly deft on F5's part. What are the alternatives to F5's products? Cloud products, and home rolled Nginx configs.

I imagine haproxy might get more popular if F5 does anything to hobble the open source part of nginx.

haproxy is amazingly functional and has done a fine job of evolving over the years. At a particular $DEFUNCTCLOUDVENDOR we implemented a haproxy based ELB-ish solution with home grown control logic to replace a F5 installation whos configuration size grew unwieldy (the F5 config parser was falling over in their LBs) while we were nowhere near the F5's touted connection/throughput numbers. F5 wasn't really willing to work with us on licensing, so we implemented a system based on haproxy VMs that worked because we were more than a bit overprovisioned on switching capacity and were able to shard that configuration base more effectively over more VMs.

This was 2011, so I'd hope newer F5 gear has gotten past that.

18 months ago I was in a shop that used F5 and it was a nightmare. Some of the best network admins I've ever worked with and they couldn't nail down why the load balancer did the things it did, when it did them. It was bad enough that the config had more exceptions than rules just so that we could try to eliminate anomalies.

I hope NGINX doesn't suffer too much under this new ownership.

It may get embedded tcl.

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