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> If you start a company and open source your core/clients, your product becomes part of AWS

It seems not obvious to everyone, but you don't have to use a license, that allows AWS to run you into the ground. Take a look at API Copyleft License: https://github.com/kemitchell/api-copyleft-license

This is not a FOSS license in the sense of the Debian Free Software Guidelines or Open Source Definition: it compels you to publish your changes, even if you're only making internal use. Free software / open source licenses do not require that. Most obviously, it fails the "desert island" and "dissident" tests of https://people.debian.org/~bap/dfsg-faq.html . (There are plenty of perfectly fine licenses that are not DFSG/OSD licenses, but it's not what most people mean by "open source," and importantly it will be impossible to get this software into a mainstream Linux distro, so you won't have the sort of adoption that actual open source licenses get you.)

Also, it's not clear this would prevent AWS from running you into the ground. Amazon is more than happy to publish the source code of what they run internally; they make their money off operations and not software, so they're perfectly happy to commoditize software. The copyright holder is the one trying to make an "open core" business. AWS can just reimplement it.

Oh boy, just skimming through that license and I can see a bunch of lawyers having a good giggle and a field day over it.

> you must contribute all software that invokes this software's functionality..

So that rules out all proprietary operating systems, databases, 3rd party services, but why stop there? give us your CPU microcode.

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