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Well it makes sense for F5.

Their main buisness, hardware loadbalancing is rapidly diminishing, so buying in NGINX seems like a sensible move.

After all, its much easier to sell support to people who are actually _using_ your product.

F5 is loosing huge customers to a company called Avi networks. F5 employee told me F5 is scared of Avi. Might have been a move to try to compete.

hey, can you provide a source for their decrease in market share? Or are you assuming based on AWS growth? I tried looking up the Gartner starts but couldn't get past a login.

Sorry based on my own ignorance.

In 2014 we had two, then I moved company to where we had 6 loadbalancers, in the four years we were there we killed them off with a mix of AWS and k8s

At most recent place, I'd no even consider installing them.

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