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First time I heard of this company. Their website is in the highest order of marketing speak, but actually offering nothing much. Note to self: security services are a nice way to milk governments & corporations.

In any case, I'm glad that Nginx is still available for free and the project will continue to have funding in the future from what looks like a cashed-up company. Besides, if it doesn't work out, it can always be foked. Hooray for open source software!

We use their VPN client at where I work...it's a mess. Disconnects all the time, IF you can even get it to connect in the first place, it like's to sit there for up to 20 minutes sometimes before it finally connects. Almost never works with captive portals, and all sorts of syncing issues with our network drives.

To be fair, it might just have to do with our company's implementation, our IT department pretty hit or miss when it comes to implementing new stuff, it only rolled our 6 months ago and we do have 30,000+ employees/contractors so I'd imagine it's headache getting everything just right, but still.

F5 is big in its category (software http "router") in a lot of important industries including finance and healthcare. It's the SSL terminator of choice overall for enterprise environments and is a critical part countless L3 toolchains and workflows.

F5 is your standard enterprise software company that big companies end up using while all employees hate using their products.

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