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Cash, apparently. I like how Wilson Sonsini advised F5 in the purchase while firm heir Peter Sonsini invested in Nginx corp. Good times for old money in the Valley.

I thought F5 was primarily a Seattle based company? I've known more F5 employees growing up in Seattle than Amazon employees at least.

On another note, F5's poorly written code is the reason TLS 1.0 is considered insecure (using a variant of the POODLE attack), among other major security lapses.

POODLE was also an issue with other ADC vendors, I think it links back to where those ADC vendors got their initial TLS code, how the industry went about implementing it, etc.

F5 has a few hundred person office in San Jose as well as a decent amount in Tel Aviv as well.

Sure but it's not engineers who are getting paid in this deal, it's VCs and lawyers.

How does a random person become part of this scene?

You can't. You've just got to be good with money, have a small number of children and die with more money than you started with. If the children repeat that then after a few generations they can be part of the "scene".

Plenty of money for (what I understand) essentially a service company.

Service company with very valuable IPR..

Isn't Nginx open source?

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