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https://www.givero.com - just launched. Givero is a search engine that shares its revenue with good causes you choose.

We silently opened to the public about a month ago, and we are currently putting the final touches on the site and story, and working on onboarding more charities. Right now you can support charities working for climate, animals and children.

Since we have a lot of DuckDuckGo fans on here, I think I should mention that Givero: * Has DuckDuckGo compatible bangs * Has Instant Answers (just launched the first 3, more to come) * Is Privacy centric. * Is Bing based, like DDG. * Is Euro hosted.

So a good mix of DuckDuckGo and Ecosia, with the key difference being that we donate 50% of our entire revenue to charities you choose.

Full disclosure: I am the founder. We're a small team based in Denmark, formerly working on Findx (privacy search engine with own index), which shut down last year.

How privacy centric are you guys?

We do not keep a history of your searches and has no user profile.

We do not use third-party analytics tools, so your IP is not shared that way.

Your IP is anonymized immediately in our analytics tool (self-hosted Matomo), and we don't store your queries there.

We anonymize our raw weblogs, which are only used for debugging purposes, after 5 days.

We do have to pass on your IP to Microsoft at the moment, but you have the option to turn off personalized results (the "filter bubble", basically) on the search result page. We are working on getting permission to further tighten the privacy options here, but Bing requires a certain volume before they're willing to discuss it (several million searches/month) as we discussed with their VP of Search Partnerships in Europe. So we're on-par with Ecosia right now, but working to be on-par with DDG.

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